Home Office Supplies

Your kitchen table may seem comfortable, but it isn't the right place to focus when you're sending a crucial sales report. The problem with working from a couch is it's difficult to switch yourself off work. If you are planning to set up a home office, here are some absolutely essential office supplies:

A designated workplace:

Separating office hours from non-work hours is a huge challenge for people who work from home. Start by prioritizing space that can be used solely for work. It should be large enough to fit a small table, chair, and a few essentials like printer and storage boxes.


This is important if your work involves dealing with receipts, invoices, photos, memos, etc. You will have to sign, scan, or print documents at some point. Look for printers that double up as scanners and are wireless. You should be able to connect to your phone or email. Choose from a wide variety of printers and other related office supplies here.

Pens, pencils, and other basic office supplies:

This seems silly, but haven't we at least once, searched high and dry for pens while on an important call? Keep pens/pencils, scissors, notepads, sticky notes, tapes, etc. organized in a single box so that you don't have a tough time finding them. Call us to order office stationery in Dubai at affordable prices.

Adequate lighting:

A well-lit office area doesn't just help you see clearly, but it also affects your mood while working. Allow plenty of natural light to enter the room. Look for lights that aren't too bright or too dim.

Personalized decorations:

A potted plant, a photo of your family or an inspirational quote, desk toys, etc. can be a good distraction from the monotony of work. You can also fill the place with artwork that reflects your tastes to make the place your own.