Better, Easier and Convenient: Platform Website Facelift version 2.0 is here! with the use of Magento 2, customers user experience either on desktop or mobile device is better and improved. Website loading speed runs faster than the standard providing our customers primary product search to load in just a click.

Ordering online is more efficient with engaging product listings, quick, and hassle-free checkout steps are just some of the advantages that our customers can expect.

Aside from that, it is very safe and secure protecting hackers attacks to the website built by Magento 2, due to its SHA-256 feature (Secure Hash Algorithm 256) for passwords, this makes it less possible for a dictionary attack to succeed. Magento 2 also comes with the fraud protection system called Signifyd. This system allows the platform to determine and reject orders that seem to be scams and deliver 100% chargeback protection.

Our sister company, CRESCO Software Technology is well known for providing IT software and security solutions in the region. They ensure the platform is set-up and configured with a cyber-security strategy. runs by Lionsrock General Trading company specialises in importing goods to the UAE. They have been strongly supported by the company to procure and import over 3000 products online.

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