Where to Find and Tips on How to Save when Buying School Stationery in the UAE

Where to Find and Tips on How to Save when Buying School Stationery in the UAE

The global pandemic has brought the world to a stand still, it has affected millions of lives and most of all students and their schooling. It brought a peculiar set-up and adjustment to students learning experiences inside the classroom and for some online learning at home. Students who were accustomed to socializing and interacting, are now mandatorily required to social distance themselves from one another. A domino effect we are seeing these days with various business landscapes who have had to adapt to the present "new normal" set up.

Sending kids to school in the new normal, has made schools and students rethink about how they interact and connect with each other and with suppliers. Everyone has become a bit more cautious and skeptical when buying from retail stores and interacting with people, hence online business' have boomed over the last year. Most institutions have had to adapt to virtual schooling and that included virtual shopping for their school supplies. Parents and schools have had to carefully plan there buying to ensure that items bought can also be used when physical back to school. From colour pencils, school accessories even old bags which are still re-usable up to the big purchases that are long-lasting.

It is imperative to plan ahead before you get caught in a last-minute shopping trip. However, before you start searching online, here are some tips that parents can consider which would not cost them a fortune.

1. Make a comprehensive lists

If you are the type of person that usually shops without a list, then you might considering starting to have one. When visiting a discount market in the UAE items are perceive that as great deals and everything looks cheap! To make sure you do not buy things unnecessarily, it is important to have a list. Look at the year's requirements for your child or children, check what projects are coming up and what items the children need for their year. Have a list from the biggest purchases, like shoes, school bags, uniforms to the smallest ones.

You might consider shopping online first and matching your list with the present deals before going to the retail stores. OfficeRock.com has a great selection of offers on school supplies that have been sourced to match the requirements for each category and school year. This can help you avoid the hassle of having to shop from store to store sourcing all the items and it can save you time and money.

2. School tie-up's with UAE trading companies

Before going ahead to shop for the children's school supplies check if the school has any tie ups or partnerships with school supply companies. Start by asking and refer to the school's procurement head, this is one of the most convenient ways to shop and get good deals. OfficeRock.com collaborates with various schools and universities by offering an eShop school an online portal that parents and students can access any time and anywhere consisting of a wide selection of stationery and schools supplies and are approved and certified by the school itself. The benefit of such a tie up's is that items and prices are agreed and approved at certain rates allowing the students to benefit from the discounted rates.

3. Focus on the quality spend

There are certain brands that are really attractive to the eye, sometimes students get caught up with peer pressure to use what is trending, but unnecessarily important and quality-wise does not last long. Good quality pencils, erasers, sharpeners, arts & crafts are available in discount shops in the UAE. OfficeRock.com offers deals on bulk purchases especially on their Summer Sale items which usually begins in August every year. It is worth your while to consider buying these quality items in bulk giving you much needed discounted pricing. That why Tip no. 1 is extremely helpful, being smart and saving with online shopping.

4. Know when and how you should spend

There are times when you really need to spend some money a certain items for school. Consider big purchases that will last a long time, for instance if you are looking for the right shoe, which needs to be comfortable and durable, do not hesitate to invest the money. The same goes for school bags, they should be sturdy and comfortable yet would not put any unnecessary strain on your child's shoulders, back and neck. It is best to use your budget and make room to spend on the big purchases.

5. Use social media and seasonal offers

You do not need to be tech-savvy as a parent in order to take advantage of the great offers available online. Social media is another great source to search for great deals, online shops like OfficeRock.com regularly update their Facebook shop with their deals especially on stationery and school supplies during this season. There are also Facebook groups that offer barter deals for textbooks, unused school supplies and among others that you can swap for other items that you have in your household. You just need to find the right groups with the deal and items that match your requirement. These group s usually offer help to find each other good bargains.

These simple tips are a great way to help you spend less for the back-to-school season, it will help reduce your stress to find the right platform and save you from last-minute shopping-trips.


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