Ideas To Save Money On Printing Costs

Gartner, an industry research firm, says that offices spend around 3% of their revenue on paper and related expenses like printing, filing, and storing, and they also found that around 50% of business waste is related to paper! Another study indicates that individuals can save around 10-30% of printing costs just by being a little thoughtful. If you’re looking to save money on printing costs, read on:

Maintain Tight Control Over Printing Paper:

There are many apps out there which can meticulously track printing done through your system or network. Use this data to not only identify printing volumes, but also to hold people accountable for their actions. You can identify who is printing and how much they’re printing using these apps. Make a point to also limit printing access using authorization codes and other printing controls that are a common feature on most modern printers.

Restrict Personal Printers:

Every individual in the office does not need a personal printer. In fact, personal printers are one of the most cost-guzzling items because of printer cartridges, toners, and other essentials that you have to restock regularly. To cut back on personal printer use, install centralized multi-functional printers that everyone can use. Multi-functional printers often operate on low energy and can do virtually anything related to printing, including printing, scanning, and storing. Call us if you’d like to buy printers or other office supplies in Dubai!

Buy Printers, Cartridges, and Printing Paper Online:

Needless to say, buying office supplies online helps to save a lot of money and time. At, we not only promise affordable pricing, but also ensure quick delivery. And when you buy office supplies in Dubai worth more than AED150, we’ll deliver it for free!

Calculate The Cost of Paper Consumption:

What cannot be measured cannot be improved! Analyze invoices and requirement lists to know how much you pay for paper, cartridges, and printing costs. Use this data to educate employees and adjust internal policies to lower costs.

Adjust Printer Settings:

Not all print documents require the highest quality print. For example, printing documents in draft mode can help you save on ink, and printing on both sides of the paper can reduce paper consumption by half. But most importantly, encourage employees to print only when necessary!

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