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There are a couple of things every office should have without question and the projector is one of them. We, at, know that you have to make presentations and discuss your business goals over spreadsheets and documents every day and every week. So, a high-quality, durable and functional projector is a must for your meeting rooms.

The question is which projector is better for your needs? There are various sizes and models available for projectors to meet the requirement for various rooms (size, lighting, screen etc) and types of uses (presentations, screenings etc). Fortunately, is here to help you choose the best projector for your professional needs.

To pick the right projector, we have to first understand what brightness (lumens), resolution, connectivity and the technology mean.

What does brightness (lumens) mean for an office projector?

Not every projector has the same brightness level. The main reason for that is every room has a different lighting. For example, if you are looking for a projector for office presentations, it is more likely that your office room won't be too dark. Normally, employees don’t do meetings in a dark room. So if you pick a projector with too much brightness, it might bother the people in the meeting room. But if your meeting room is a dark one, then you must look for a brighter option.

If you need a projector for a meeting room with lights off and curtains closed, a brightness level of 1200 lumens will be enough. If your presentation room is not that dark (which is the case for most of the offices as employees and guests like to see each other during a meeting), then you should pick a projector with a brightness level of 2000-3000 lumens.

Before selecting your projector, never forget to think about the size of the room, the lighting (curtains and lights), the size of the image or video on the presentation and the screen you plan to use for the projection.

Which resolution is better for an office projector?

This is a simple comparison if you know for what purposes you will use your projector. If you are planning to show spreadsheets, documents, slides, Power Point presentations and mostly text and numbers, then a resolution of 800x600 is more than enough. If you are going to show videos, animations and similar high-quality images, then you have to select a 1080p projector with an HD option.

You should always be sure about the way you will be using your projector in the office. An office projector with an 800x600 resolution wouldn't be good enough for video-presentation purposes. On the other hand, if you have to be careful with your budget, an office projector with a 1080p quality would be too much of an investment to show only text-based spreadsheets and presentations.

Which technology is the best for an office projector? What are LCoS, LCD and DLP technologies?

There are basically three types of imaging technology which are DLP technology, LCoS technology, and LCD technology. DLP provides a smooth viewing experience by replicating a pixel from the input source. LCoS make use of three colour chips which provides high-resolution graphics and video. LCD projector makes use of three glass panels which filter the light to the project images to the screen.

Each technology has its benefits and suits to the cater specific need. DLP technology is preferred by those who prefer portability, LCoS technology is preferred by those who need rich and highly saturated colours whereas LCD technology is ideal for dark rooms.

How to choose the right office projector with a compatible connectivity option for your office?

You understood your needs, the brightness level, the resolution and the technology for an office projector. The last thing to consider is the connectivity. Most projectors come with the VGA option by default and you can easily connect it to your computers or video equipment.

As an alternative, HDMI ports are becoming another default option with the new projectors as every laptop has an HDMI port which makes it very convenient and easy to use. Also, another option is the Wi-Fi connectivity which makes it very easy for you to project your presentations from your phone or tablet on a screen or wall.

What about the portable projectors?

Portable projectors are very handy if you are travelling often and need an easy-to-carry projector. You cannot expect these projectors to be as high-quality as the ones you can use in your office spaces. But unlike the heavy office projectors, they are easy to carry in a bag or suitcase. With a portable projector, you eliminate the risk of not having a projector in the place that you are going to make your presentation. Also, you don't risk having connectivity issues with projectors that are not compatible with your presentation device. is here to provide the best office projectors in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE!

Depending upon your specific requirement, you can choose your projectors from We have a large inventory of products to meet your needs at your workplace. The various types include:

  • Projector Devices
  • Projection Film
  • Projection Screens
  • Projector Mount
  • Projector Remote
  • Wireless Presenter

As per the demand from our customers, we have been offering all the leading brands offering projectors and projector accessories at UAE which includes Anchor, BenQ, Epson, Hitachi, Presenter, Sony and Targus.

Make your order today at for the best office projectors!

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