With the holiday season upon us and the year coming to an end, it’s once again time to bring some festive cheer to the office! If you’re looking to spread good tidings and welcome the season in joyously, all without affecting productivity, then this blog is just right for you!

Get Some Festive Colored Office Supplies:

Spread holiday cheer with pens, papers, and other stationaries that come in Christmas colors. Or you can distribute sticky notes that are shaped into Christmas icons, like Christmas trees, baubles, Santas, or snowmen. Short on time? No problem! Buy festive colored sticky notes, and look for those with a little glitter if you want some added effect! Visit us if you’re short on time and looking for office stationery in Dubai.

Stock Up On Festive Food Supplies:

The holiday season is not only about getting together with family and opening presents—it’s also about food! Ring in the season with some festive themed foods like Krispy-Kreme doughnuts, Christmas pudding, gingerbread, candied fruits, chocolate covered fruits, and eggnogs. In addition, place cinnamon sticks or scented pine cones around the office for some appealing Christmas scents. Call us to stock up on Christmas food supplies.

Secret Santa & Other Games:

While there are many holiday games an office can play, secret Santa helps to promote employee friendship and bonding. Make sure to announce the budget, that way nobody feels left out. You can also arrange a potluck: these will get everyone to sit down and they will as well fill the office with some festive banter.

Christmas Decorations:

Holidays are no fun without decorations. From Christmas trees and fairy lights to elves and wreaths, there’s no limit to what you can do around the office. All you need is a little time and some imagination!

How do you ring in the festive season at your workplace? Share your stories with us! And if you’re looking to buy office stationeries in Dubai, remember, we’re only one click away!