Right Furniture for your Child

Our Children are the biggest fortune in our life.  Selecting anything for them can be a tricky task as it’s an effective way to bond with your child.

When it comes to selecting furniture, we as parents want it to be functional and high quality beyond cuteness and playfulness.  When selecting furniture for children, your first priority should always be their choice and safety.

Making a room for your child with everything apt and creative can be overwhelming by the selection of furniture available because this space belongs to your child.  Here are few tips for helping you to make your child’s room the sweetest and cosiest corner of your home.

Set Your Budget

Once you have figured out the list of furniture you need in your child’s room, now the big concern is how much you could or should spend.  Just like you do when buying any other items for your home, your child’s room furniture should also be budgeted.  To save money, make sure you buy furniture that can grow with your child instead of buying furniture that looks like it's only made for a toddler.  Always keep in mind that children grow up really fast and will demand new furniture even before you expect it.  Your child will likely outgrow his/her interests, so choose furniture that will stay in your child’ lives for at least 3 years.  

Now work with the budget that you have already set aside.

Get your child’s opinion and choose a Theme

Be sure to let your child participate in choosing their furniture’s theme and confirm it will blend well with your child’s room theme.  Find out what their favourite colours, shapes or cartoon heroes to create a space which you and your child like equally, but make sure it does not compromise on the safety or functionality of the furniture.  Remember, asking their opinion does not mean that you blindly follow their irrational choice, it does mean that it’s their room, and they will really enjoy it if they have an opinion.  

Tip:  You don’t need to match your child’s furniture with the other adult furniture in the house because your child’s furniture doesn’t need to be serious.

Safety is your key priority

Consider safety first while purchasing furniture for your child and it should not be compromised by price, colour or style.  To ensure your child grow up in a healthy and clean environment, make sure you don’t buy furniture that uses toxic paint or varnish which have lead content.  Children are naughty, they jump up on their furniture and go under and hide behind it so to ensure their safety avoid glass, corners, heavy loose items and sharp edges on furniture.  Also, make sure the furniture you select are not too high and your child will not get hurt when falls.

Make it Fun – Choose the right colours

Colour has the power to inspire, stimulate, pacify, heal and even upset. Colour psychology is a very real fact and extremely true for children so you cannot neglect the importance of picking up the right colour for your child. Look for pieces of furniture that have your child’s favourite colours and your child will love to see it.  The perfect blend of bright and cool colours will have a diverse effect on your child’s character and personality.  However, if you have plans to keep your child’s furniture for several years, consider buying furniture with light colours.

Inbuilt Storage

Providing your children with proper storage space on furniture help learn to keep their space organised and belongings in good condition.  Consider buying furniture with inbuilt storage or a trundle.

These are the major things that you should be concerned about while buying furniture for your little one and make sure you put children in charge of their furniture selection without compromising on safety and quality.

If there is any point that I’ve missed in the checklist on choosing the right furniture for your child, really appreciate you letting me know.