5 Ways Office Furniture Can Boost Your Productivity

So, does office environment impact your productivity? You bet it does.  Adam Alter, an associate Professor of Marketing at New York University explores this in his book titled "Drunk Tank Pink". We all know that our productivity levels drop when we are not comfortable enough, and a relaxed environment can go a long way in increasing productivity.

An office is not just a space where you perform certain tasks, it is the place where you build your dream.  It is not just salary, a supervisor’s tactics or a workaholic employee that contribute to building one; it’s the general feel of the work environment, which does.

When it comes to your office furniture, if it isn’t comfortable and safe, it directly affects employee health and productivity which can in-turn create hassles at work.  You're for sure not going to be productive if you face physical tremors such as back pain and body imbalances, due to a poor roller chair.  To understand this, we don't need brainstorming if, for once, simple common sense takes over instincts.

While purchasing furniture for your office, make sure you opt for choices that are comfortable, and you will be surprised to see the difference new furniture bring in your office.

No worries.  I am going to tell you, how the right office furniture can go a long way in increasing productivity.  The following are the benefits of choosing the right office supplies:

Way #1:  Ergonomics

Providing your employees with ergonomic office furniture will help them work throughout the day without back pain and fatigue, and thus increases productivity.

It definitely is the most excellent way to communicate to your employees that you truly care about their health and happiness.

Way #2:  Mood Matters

Content employee entails innovative work.

A pleasant environment is key to getting the most out of employees.  It helps to make them feel valued.  Being surrounded by old and uncomfortable furniture makes employees lazy, and they often lose interest in work and it will impact productivity.

Quality furniture is well appreciated and of course, consider having ergonomic furniture.  As it will keep your employees in a good mood and thus enhances the prodictivity. 

Remember, employee happiness and satisfaction matters.

Way #3:  The Power of Colours

Even wondered how colours can affect the productivity of an individual?

Task world explains beautifully in their infographic, how colours can affect the office productivity.  In fact, Vibrant and bright colours will keep your employees focused on work.  Try to avoid white, grey and black colours as it can leave employees feeling depressed.

If your office lacks it, it’s time to renovate your office.

Way #4:  Comfort is Key

Your employees spend much more time in the office than they spend at home, they will be much productive in those hours if the office furniture is comfortable enough.

Careful selection of perfect office furniture has a big impact on productivity. Especially when it comes to office tables and office chairs, the quality and comfort of your office table and chair affects your health and productivity. So make sure you choose a chair and table that promotes good posture and vertical movement. Size, design, and quality of the material play an important role. Ergonomically designed furniture that is appropriately sized helps in improving the productivity, health, safety and comfort of employees.

Check my former blog post to understand the importance on upgrading your office chair.

Way #5:  Space Management

By creating an inviting and pleasing environment, your employees will feel energised.

Studies show that layout of the workspace is essential to employee productivity. Curve and round shaped furniture help in enhancing the creativity of your employees. Arranging your office furniture in an appropriate way would make your office look rather enticing. Make sure you keep the entryway clear and do not interrupt the flow of traffic and people do not struggle to get around it. Bringing too many and bulky furniture will consume a huge portion of your workspace, ensure you invest in quality furniture that will make your employees happy and productive.


The biggest asset to any employer is to employ a productive employee. And, employee productivity stems from setting up an office, that only proves to be a contributing factor but not a counterproductive one.

Like investing business capital, this is also risky business as the repercussions of changing or developing office stationery would take a long time to take effects.

Hence, it is important to ask your employees on in a while, whether or not making changes to the workplace help them to be more productive or prove to be rather counterproductive?

We know the answers ourselves because we have been reaping benefits of both using office supplies and, of course, selling it.  But, the question is – are you doing the same?