Clutter contributes to workplace stress:

How hard is it to look for a specific item when your whole desk is a mess? It’s stressful to be throwing papers around just to find the right folder. Why not have it cleaned in the first place so you can be the most efficient person in the office?

Your personal and professional image is at stake:

What do you think your boss or colleagues will think when they walk by and see that your desk is gross? They are not going to think positively about you, and they’re definitely not going to think you’re doing a good job. For the same reason you wouldn’t show up to work with your pants on backwards, you should keep your desk clean.

It saves time and money:

You don’t have to waste time looking for office stationery when your desk is clean. Have to mark up some documents? Wouldn’t it be easier if your pens and pencils were right in front of you? Think about it.

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