KLAPiT Heavy Duty Mounting Super Tape - Tough 1 Meter, Holds 90LB/41Kg (Pack of 12)

KLAPiT clear & strong heavy-duty mounting tape is invented using the enhanced nano technology. It can hold upto 90LB/41Kg, making it one of the strongest adhesives of its size.
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SUPER TAPE Tough 1 Meter has been invented using the innovative Enhanced Nano-Technology (ENT). Hence, this completely transparent and extremely strong mounting tape possesses arrays of super-aligned carbon nanotubes situated beneath the surface of the tape that allows it to conform to numerous surfaces, yielding a super-strong, high-intensity, weatherproof bond that enables clean removal. The cutting-edge ENT also allows the 1-meter tape to hold up to 90 LB (41kg), making it one of the strongest mounting tapes of its size. Inspired by the biomechanics of geckos, the super-strong KLAPiT SUPER TAPE is able to maintain its ultimate tensile strength in extreme temperatures, ranging from -10°C to 80°C / 14°F to 180°F. The specially designed clamshell case allows the user to safely store the heavy-duty double-sided tape after usage while the 10 cm scale on the case makes the process of cutting out the right amount of tape simple and effortless. KLAPiT SUPER TAPE's 4 key features make it an extremely superior proposition to other mounting tapes, hooks, or velcro-based picture hanging strips.

Key Features

Versatile Usage

This clear and strong mounting tape can adhere to almost any smooth, clean and non-porous surface. It is highly compatible with surfaces such as plastic, metal, wood, glass, brick, ceramic, stone, and many more! Items such as photo frames, carpets, doormats, rugs, key and pen holders, power cords, kitchen tools, and many other home and office accessories can be easily installed using this heavy-duty tape's extreme transparent bond. All in all, KLAPiT SUPER TAPE's innovative features allow the user to, pretty much, hang, install, fix anything anywhere, making it a vastly superior proposition to traditional mounting tapes, picture hanging strips, and hooks.

Weatherproof & Waterproof

The carbon nanotubes within this heavy-duty mounting tape instill promising temperature-resistant properties, allowing the tape to sustain its highly-strenuous bond in extreme temperatures, ranging from -10°C to 80°C / 14°F to 180°F. Furthermore, the usage of nano silica gel gives KLAPiT SUPER TAPE a non-toxic composition, making the waterproof, and weatherproof mounting tape recyclable.

Clean Removal

The shear adhesion of this multipurpose heavy-duty mounting tape allows it to be peeled off cleanly and effortlessly. Since the nanotube arrays leave no residue on the substrate, the highly durable KLAPiT SUPER TAPE is able to retain its powerful adhesion even after removal. Therefore, the clear and strong KLAPiT SUPER TAPE leaves behind no residue on the surface, allowing the user to enjoy damage-free usage.


This super-strong double-sided tape is durable and has undergone severe quality control procedures. The clear and strong mounting tape is provided in a special Clamshell Case, allowing the user to store the super-strong double-sided tape for long durations. Additionally, the Clamshell Case also consists of a 10 cm scale, allowing the user to effortlessly cut the double-sided tape to any size or length. Furthermore, instructions at the back of the Clamshell Case are easy to follow whilst a QR Code has been provided for users to gain easy access to videos explaining the functionality of this extremely strong mounting tape.

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