Specialty Tapes

Specialty Tapes
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Speciality Tapes

OfficeRock.com has been providing speciality tapes for schools, offices and commercial purposes for packaging, bonding, sealing and assembly. These tapes are available in a broad range such as single sided tapes, double sided tapes, foam tapes, adhesive transfer tapes, and mounting tape. We have over thousands of varieties of speciality tapes for you which are categorized with respect to their application, adhesive quality, thickness, and color.

The leading brands of speciality tapes which you get at OfficeRock.com includes but not limited to 3M, Alpha, Atlas, Brother, and Magnetoplan. They are available in a single piece and a pack with 24 in them. You can find them in various colors such as Beige, navy Blue, Silver, Black, Light Blue, Green, Pink, Red, White, and Yellow.

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