Digital Wallet

Experience Secure, Efficient and Convenient Online Shopping.
Sign up and Instantly Receive Additional Bonus up to 5% on your Shopping Budget.

By using OfficeRock Digital Wallet, customers can complete purchases easily, quickly and at the same time save and increase shopping expenditures. These are some of the benefits of using Digital Wallet for your business:

  • rewards business purchases through additional points which can be used and valid for a longer period of time.
  • It is highly secured platform with less human interaction and accepts credit card or bank transfer payment with an option for a long-term credit facility for your business.
  • The platform provides a detailed overview of your company purchases, weekly or monthly reports in which data is readily available & accessible online.
  • Digital Wallet lets your purchase department re-order through our e-commerce platform allowing you to automate standing orders and deliveries.
  • Quick, easy and efficient for today's busy offices.

Unlock and explore the benefits of Digital Wallet today by following these 4 easy steps:

  • Create Account with

    Click the Register button, fill up the form with your name, email address and create your own password. Then Submit.

  • Bank Transfer the amount to Bank

    Your account and dashboard is now ready to access. On your dashboard, you will find the instructions on how to top up your Digital Wallet.

  • add money to your Digital Wallet

    After successfully loading your Digital Wallet account, you will receive an email notifying your available credits.

  • Proceed with your purchase

    You can now use the online shopping using your Digital Wallet.

For more details about Digital Wallet please fill up the form below and our team will contact and guide you in creating your account.


OfficeRock Digital Wallet – A Convenient and Efficient Way to Shop Online

Looking to complete business purchases while getting amazing rewards at OfficeRock? Then our Digital Wallet is the answer. This is a highly secured platform that offers a quick and easy way to shop online and pay on the go. It eliminates the need to record paper-based expenditures, giving you greater visibility into your daily expenses. With OfficeRock Digital Wallet, you no longer need to worry about forgetting your credit cards, ID proof, or cash back home. You can shop and pay for your purchases anytime, anywhere!

Why Choose OfficeRock Digital Wallet

  • Highly secured - Digital Wallet is a great alternative to bank notes and coins as it facilitates cashless transactions. You don’t need to be physically present or wait for a long time just to buy something. More and more businesses are offering cashless transactions to avoid the spread of the virus, so using Digital Wallet is a smart and convenient way to protect yourself and other people.
  • Practical - OfficeRock Digital Wallet offers a more convenient and practical way to shop by allowing you to make payments through your own dashboard account. You can access everything in one place. So, you don’t need to use multiple cards just to make a purchase.
  • Comprehensive - The platform offers monthly or weekly reports that provide a comprehensive overview of your business purchases. Recording cash-based expenses can be exhausting for businesses. With OfficeRock Digital Wallet, you can keep track of your expenses and complete transactions.  

Why is OfficeRock Digital Wallet Important for Every Business?

Long-term Credit Facility

With the OfficeRock Digital Wallet, you can buy now and pay later. It doesn't matter whether you're buying raw materials or new machinery. Use the Digital Wallet and repay within 30 to 60 days. You will also get a 5% bonus when you sign up today.


Can't find what you need from your usual supplier? That won't be a problem. OfficeRock can source out the supplies you need. Just place your order and OfficeRock will do the rest for you. Pay through the Digital Wallet and earn additional points, which you can use on your next purchase. Your purchase department can re-order through the Digital Wallet, allowing you to automate deliveries and orders.

Simplified Process = Faster Payments

We know how complex the B2B payment process is. By using the OfficeRock Digital Wallet, you can access cash, reduce purchase friction and close sales much faster. You will also find your remaining funds and transaction history on your account history, making it easier for you to track your spending.

How to Get Started

It just takes four easy steps!

  1. Register with Complete the form with your email address, name, and password. Click Submit.
  2. Top up your OfficeRock Digital Wallet.
  3. Transfer funds to your Digital Wallet. The minimum amount is AED 2000.
  4. Use your Digital Wallet to make a purchase.

What are you waiting for? Register now and enjoy secure, convenient, and efficient online shopping with OfficeRock Digital Wallet! Sign up today and get up to 5% bonus on your next shopping spree.

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