As a business owner, you have to ensure efficient management of manpower and resources, especially when it comes to handling office hygiene. Irrespective of its size, every business will generate garbage which is likely to consist of office stationery materials like paper, clips, sharpeners, empty pen refills, small and large paper cartons, and pencil stubs, along with empty paper cups and plates. Employees prefer to step into a clean office every morning, so garbage solutions for offices are obviously very important.

We are one of the best waste bin suppliers in Dubai, offering suggestions for the right size of bins in your office.

Steel mesh waste bins

Bins made of steel mesh are long lasting and easy to maintain, as they just need to be cleaned with a heavy bristled brush for a sparkling clean appearance. These are lightweight and often come in both cylindrical and square designs, so they can be stored in any corner. Sometimes all you need to make an old steel wire mesh dustbin appear new is a fresh coat of paint.

Stainless steel trash can with plastic pedal

The best way to store food waste until it can be disposed of without disturbing the office with smells is within a steel drum with an airtight cover. Since this bin is likely to be cleared once a week, it is best to buy garbage bins that are large and will not overflow before they are supposed to be disposed of. Several versions are available with plastic pedals and plastic covers so that staff need not touch it with bare hands during disposal.

Steel bin with wheels

If your office uses disposable paper cups and plates, then a large steel bin that can be moved around during recreation time is the best option. Invest in one with a pedal that will make it easy to use no matter how full it becomes.

If you need to purchase garbage bins for your office in Dubai, you are in the right place! Contact us if you looking to purchase office supplies online in the UAE!