15 tips to be successful administrative professional

Are you graduated with a degree and passionate about being an administrative professional?  Choosing a job that best aligns with your professional goals can be the most important decision you make, right out of college. Kudos to you and your decision.

This career is both challenging and rewarding. You are the support system for your office.

It is the duty of an administrator to keep the office running as efficiently as possible.

A successful administrative professional never stop learning and they are always in search of better ways to perform their role efficiently.  Excellent communication, motivational, and presentation skills are the key qualities of an administrative professional.

This profession requires an orderly approach.  Not all administrative jobs are created equal, it all depends on the industry you are employed.

With over six years’ experience in a corporate office as an office administrator, I've compiled a list of tips to become an effective administrator.

  1. It is important to do some study about the organization and understand what drives success and profit.  If you are familiar with what’s happening in your organization’s each department, you are doing your job well.
  2. Know how to deal with multiple personalities and bridge generational gaps at the workplace.
  3. Being a great communicator is a big opportunity to get promoted and recognized in your career more frequently.  Make sure you never dominate a discussion because great communicators are great listeners too.
  4. Knowing when you’re most energized, will help you to concentrate on your works and to be most productive.
  5. Make a list of the tasks you need to perform each day because getting your job done will be what your performance is judged on at the end of the day.
  6. Be active on social networking sites to improve your professional relationships.
  7. Keeping yourself up to date with technology will help you stand out from the crowd.
  8. Appreciate your colleagues, it makes them more productive and brings a positive team environment.
  9. Your organizational skills will help you to complete tasks on time and make sure each day runs efficiently.
  10. Your decision-making skill matters.  Make fair decisions quickly that benefit your organization and its employees.  Solve internal conflicts professionally.
  11. Establish and maintain an efficient filing system, it will be easier for your colleagues to find the documents and information they need.
  12. Speak gently, honestly and in a professional way to your colleagues.
  13. Developing a fruitful relationship with the key people in your organization will strengthen your position in no time.
  14. If you can perform multiple things at a time without being distracted, you are a perfect fit for this role because you are proficient at multi-tasking.
  15. Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint will help you perform better.

Follow these tips to be the perfect fit for the role of administrator.  Reading my blog post on role & responsibilities of an office administrator will be of added help.

Good Luck on getting your dream job.

Stay tuned for more detailed office administration tips.

It is my pleasure to hear what you think. As always, thanks for reading!