Employees spend a sizeable amount of time sitting in the office, and if they are given comfortable furniture that provides required body support and is aesthetically pleasing, it will have a positive impact on their performance. Few people assigned with buying office furniture know that there are some accessories which can help enhance everyone's comfort level. Here are some interesting office furniture and accessories that can help employees that sit for long hours with comfort and functionality.

  1. Chair back support – This accessory is made of soft rayon fiber-mesh which gives support to the back and spine by fitting itself along the body contours of the person sitting in the chair. It can be fitted to the backrest of any standard sized revolving office chair with clips or buckle straps.
  2. Chair lumbar support – Employees that sit for long hours before the computer will tend to feel pain in their lower back so the lumbar support with soft cushion that can be strapped to the chair can be given to them.
  3. Tilting footrest – Tired feet and stiff ankles are another bane of sitting or standing for long hours during work. A comfortable free-floating footrest or platform that can be moved back and forth with the feet can induce blood circulation and reduce these aches when placed close to a chair.
  4. Elevated footrest – A simple footstool style footrest with ribbed surface can also be kept as a footrest near office chairs of employees that work without moving much.
  5. Keyboard tray – This ergonomic piece of office furniture will ensure that the employee is able to maintain a comfortable seated posture and there is no pain in the wrist of elbow.
  6. Workstation lighting – Appropriate levels of lighting can enhance productivity and also have a positive effect on employee health. Arrange desk lighting according the work an employee is assigned with as computer monitors require less light around them when compared to studying documents. Wrong lighting can lead to eye strain and fatigue.

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