Tips on Writing the Perfect Thank You

So, you think saying thank you is so very important?  How often do you say thank you?  Have you ever felt bad because you forgot to say thank you or someone else failed to say thank you to you?  If the answer is “yes” to these questions, I am pretty sure that you know the importance of these two magical words.  For me, it feels equally great to hear and say it.  I am sure, it makes everyone feel great.

Yes, saying “thank you” helps in showing your gratitude in all situations.  Saying those words cost nothing, but it is a sign of respect and can make a person feel valued, rewarded and also can have a significant effect on moral.  When I receive a thank you for something I have done, it motivates me to do the same thing even better next time.

Worrying too much about what to write in your card will not help, but it is always good to send a note than to not send one.

Now you are here because you are having trouble figuring out how to write a thank you note to your boss.  By the way, congratulations to you for this great habit!

Writing a thank you note is purely depending on your relationship with your boss.  It can be a handwritten note or a typed note.  Remember, a handwritten note is more personal and it shows that you took the time to do something special.

Though you have many ways to thank your boss for a text message, chat, email etc. but nothing beats a handwritten thank-you note.  Here are some tips to doing it perfectly.

Tip #1: When is it Appropriate to Send a Note

Your boss has positively influenced or encouraged you and you feel that he/she deserves a thank you note. Your boss will surely be happy that you took the time to thank him/her.  Here are some good reasons you may feel it is quite appropriate to write a note:

  • When recommending you for a promotion/salary hike.
  • When granting a vacation request.
  • When giving you a key assignment, thank for the vote of confidence in your abilities.
  • When approving a training request.

Tip #2: Pick out a card and a Pen that is suitable for the situation

Use a small and simple greeting card, as your note, will be brief.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or a full sized sheet because thank you is what counts!  Write with a good quality blue ink pen, because it makes your letters stand out and bring a personal touch.

Tip #3: Make it Short and Sweet

Yes!  Make it as short as you can because writing a long note is not going to be impactful.  My advice is to keep your note short, sweet and sincere.  I personally recommend to writing it in not more than 50 words because you want your boss to have time to read it.  Make sure you use your best handwriting but don’t worry about it too much.  You can always ask someone else to write it on your behalf, only if you feel your handwriting is really hard to read.

Tip #4:  Take your Time and do it Right

Always make sure you use proper grammar and spelling.  If you are not too confident about your grammar and spelling part, before writing it to your card, you must type it and run through a grammar and spell check program.  Plan each sentence before writing down as you can’t backspace once done.  You surely don’t want to spoil your note with messy scratch marks.

Tip #5:  Start with the Proper Greeting and Salutation

Of course, you have to start with a greeting and salutation.  How the greeting and salutation need to be will depend on your relationship with your boss.  Make sure you use his/her name to make the note more personal because people love to hear their own name.  You can use Hi, Dear, Hello etc. with the name.

Tip #6:  Be Genuine and Specific

When you write a thank you note to your boss, be genuine and specific about the action you’re thinking and how it influenced you in your career. Make sure you appear sincere and express your gratitude and appreciation in simple words.

Tip #7:  Sign off with your Signature

Sign off your note with a greeting that feels comfortable to you.  It will not be a nice idea to use “thank you” to sign off your note, as you wrote an entire note thanking your boss.  Here are some suggestions: Best, Best Wishes, Sincerely, with gratitude, Keep in touch.

Yes, this is all you need to do. Your thank you note is perfectly done now! Follow these simple tips, and writing a thank you note to your boss will not be a difficult task anymore.

 It is perfectly fine even if you are little delayed to send because it falls into the “better late than never” category.

Now tell me, what would you include in a perfect thank you note to your boss?