The importance of arts and crafts for children can hardly be overstated. The earlier children are acquainted with the arts and encouraged to express themselves through its multiple mediums, the better off they are likely to be. Art improves their imaginative capacity, motor skills and keeps them productively occupied. The more materials with which they are allowed to create, the greater these capacities can become.

As an art teacher, you should keep these supplies around to engage the attention and interest of small children, most of which can be ordered from any art supplies online UAE store.

Colorful art paper with different textures

Colorful paper with different textures can be used to make cutouts of different shapes. Colored papers can also help children relate to objects and nature around them and appreciate the nuances and emotions associated with colors.

Painting materials like water/acrylic colors and brushes

The best part about painting on an empty canvas like paper, cloth, glass and wood is that children can use their imagination to create a unique piece to their own personality. Not to mention, activities like collaborative poster painting and ensemble coloring projects can help children understand the importance of sharing responsibility and working with others as a team.

Stencils and small decoration materials

Children love colorful ornamental materials that can be easily stuck to paper or objects. To keep children engaged in thoughtful pursuits and also develop their creativity, every home should have some art materials like colorful beads, stencils, stick-on pictures, sparkle pens etc., which can be purchased at any store selling art supplies Dubai.

Wax crayons and color pencils

Do you remember how precious those early wax crayons and color pencils were to you as a toddler? These materials are generally the first art materials that are given to a child to explore and develop their creative skills.

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