Borrowing stationery items like staplers, hole punchers, or tape may be common among colleagues in an office, but people don't always like to share more personal items like pens, calculators, and erasers as these are usually items that they would have purchased with their own money. Whether an office is small or large, these stationery items are essential to keep operations running in a stress-free environment.

  1. Stapler - This tool may look insignificant lying idly on the desk, but when one has to keep essential papers together like reports, bills, memos, and receipts a stapler becomes a vital office accessory. It is also used as a handy tool for removing staple pins and can be used as a handy paperweight.
  2. Paper items - Even though most offices today use technology to keep staff updated with official events like meetings, seminars, and presentations, it has not eliminated the use of paper items like notebooks, sticky notes, copier paper, and notepads.
  3. Pencils-If you think that pencils went out with the school bag then you couldn't be more mistaken when it comes to office stationery. This little tool is a handwriting instrument for making notes on manuals and essential documents that can be erased later.
  4. Highlighter - A colorful, non-bleed through marker to remember interesting content while you read documents, manuals, whitepapers, or memos. Ensure that the office supplies never run out of highlighters of all colors and try implementing the use of a personal color code for common subjects for easy reference throughout the entire office.
  5. Envelopes - Most offices have small and large envelopes with the official logo, name, and address printed on them for official correspondence. For regular office correspondence always keep a stack of envelopes in varied sizes and types as an essential part of office supplies in Dubai.
  6. Paper cutter - Instead of tearing envelopes and removing sheets from notepads with bare hands which makes the torn papers look messy, keep paper cutters on every work-desk.
  7. Folders - Depending on requirements within the office for essential activities like business meetings and presentations its office supplies should include open folders and those with fasteners to hold loose papers.

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