5 Ways To Save Money On Office Stationery

From pens and papers to post-it notes, there's always a never-ending demand for office stationeries. How much do you spend every month on stationery requirements? Here's how you can save money:

Create stations:

Create stationery stations and encourage staff to share resources. For example, you could create a spot for stationery items like hole-punchers and staplers rather than providing one for everyone. This way, you get to keep things organized and save money as well.

Buy stationery online:

Buying office stationery online is a great way to save money. You get to compare prices and can shop from the comfort of your desk. If you are shopping with us, you get to save on transportation as well - we offer free delivery across the UAE.

Buy in bulk:

Some essential office stationery like pens, notepad, permanent markers, computer paper, envelopes, post-it notes, clips, binders, and office tape are usually cheaper when purchased in bulk. You could also sign up for our newsletter to receive discounts. Speak to one of our experts if you need help to plan your requirements.

Keep a close eye on stationery usage:

Maintain an account of the office stationery used every month. This encourages employees to be accountable for wasteful expenditure. Buy desk organizers to help them keep their desk organized so that they do not end up losing pens or paper clips. Encourage staff to reuse and recycle paper. Internal office communication can be printed on both sides. One-sided papers can be used to make notes and rough drafts. Shredded paper can be used to pack fragile items before shipping. Cardboard boxes can be reused or sold at recycling centers.

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