office stationery wastage

Good luck to you if you’ve been charged with the responsibility of maintaining the office stationery. You’ll have to make sure the office is constantly stocked while also keeping track of what has been spent. And then of course you’ll have to remind your colleagues not to be wasteful:

Prevent casual theft:

Businesses can lose a sizeable amount of money every year by employees casually taking their office supplies home with them, deliberately or not. Set an example for your colleagues by keeping your office space organized and well-stocked. They will learn from you.

Take action for serious theft:

This can be a tricky situation, but it is important to discourage theft by taking action against employees caught stealing expensive office supplies and stationery. Let them know that they have violated workplace regulations and tactfully ask them to pay for lost/damaged stationery.

Restrict access supplies:

Restrict access to office supplies by introducing paperwork. Requests for stationery should be sent via email or by filling in an e-form. Maintain an online record of these requests and share the information with a superior.

Reuse paper:

Encourage employees to use both sides of the paper before sending them to the shredder. Make notepads out of one-sided paper.

Minimize the use of paper:

Send memos through email rather than printing them. Do not print employee handbooks and other documents; instead store them online and share links when required. Reduce margin settings to save space when printing.

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