Replacing printer ink and toner cartridges can be expensive, especially for people who have to print in high volume. No wonder, we often get asked about ways to save on inks and toners! With a little common sense and some discipline, you can reduce printing costs over time. Some of the five ways to do this include:

Change default settings:

Laser printers come with default settings – these are designed for optimal performance. Unfortunately, they consume a lot of toner ink. If you don't require optimal quality, replace the default settings and reduce the resolution settings on your printer.

Try compatible cartridges:

Compatible cartridges are ink/toner cartridges made by third party manufacturers and are cheaper than the original. Speak to one of our staff to buy cartridges that fit correctly and are compatible with the device.

Use a better font:

Yes, using certain fonts can help you reduce printer costs. This is because some fonts use very small holes within the letters and are hence far less expensive. In fact, you can save up to 25% of toner ink just by switching fonts! For example, fonts like Arial result in a must faster rate of ink consumption when compared to fonts like Century Gothic and Times New Roman.

Install a software to monitor ink usage:

Software programs installed on your desktop can help you save money on ink cartridges. Some are free, and some sell for a fair price – the later comes with a lot of added features.

Update to the latest printer:

When buying printers don't get carried away by the aesthetics; rather, focus on the page yield, cartridge cost, print quality, print speed, etc.

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