A clean and hygienic workplace not only ensures that everyone stays productive but also creates a good impression on clients and visiting clients. However, maintaining a clean office isn't only about hiring professional cleaning companies or emptying bins. Here are a few things you should remember to ensure that your office space is clean and germ-free.

Do not force sick employees to report to work:

Of course, deadlines are important, but you don't want sick employees to pass on their flu to everyone else. Encourage staff to telecommute while they're unwell so that they don't infect other employees.

Encourage everyone at work to practice good hygiene:

While you cannot school employees about matters related to cleanliness, encourage them to practice good hygiene by printing a list of healthy habits and hanging them in strategic places. Discourage employees from eating at the desk. Install touchless hygiene systems like hands-free soap/paper towel dispensers, hand dryers, etc. Provide antibacterial wipes or microfiber cloths regularly to encourage staff to clean their keyboard, screen, and mouse.

Empty bins every day:

This is especially important if these bins are used to throw away food. If not emptied every day, the bins end up harboring more germs, causing the place to smell.

Keep the place well-ventilated and maintain air-flow:

A proper exhaust system not only helps in circulating fresh air but also keeps the air germ-free. Poor air circulation makes us tired and sick.

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