4 Guidelines on Effectively Using Office Supplies at your Cubicle

To enhance the productivity at your office, having office supplies aren’t enough.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any information which provides crystal clear concept over how to do it effectively.  Even if there were any, those references are dated half a decade old.  A lot has changed with our work culture since then.

I mean, back then Batman and Superman were friends :-)

I think it is about time to come up with an update which will help guys like us, with ample office supplies, who are at a cubicle from 9-5.

With our 4 essential guidelines you can have the complete track on your office supplies such as what you’re ordering, what you’re using, how often do you use, and what all items do you repurchase.  These information will help you to craft a master list which can certainly assure that you never run out of stock.

Guideline #1:  Daily Using Supplies

Having the suppliers within your arm’s reach which you use several times a day certainly eliminates unnecessary trip towards your supply closed.  It not only saves your time, but also helps you from distracting from your core focus on your office activities.

Infographic from Atlassian (with the slogan: Team Up to create what’s next) illustrates interruptions as culprit #3 for wastage of time at work.

  • On average 56 interruptions take place in average employee’s day
  • 2 hours are spent recovering from distractions per day
  • 3 minutes spent working before an average employee switches their tasks
  • 80% of interruptions are basically trivial
  • 60% or less work is in fact spent productively

These data definitely ring a bell on why we need office supplies within our arm’s reach.

Of course, to avoid messed up desk, investing in a desk organizer wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Guideline #2:  Stuff to Remain in your Desk Drawer

General items such as tape rolls or staple refills which you usually use once a day or weekly should be stuffed inside your desk drawer.  Its highly recommend to keep them away from your view, as these items can create a messed up look when placed over your desk.  Of course, you wouldn’t want that..!!

Guideline #3:  Stuff to Remain in your Supply Closet

Ideal office supplies that needs to be at supply cost are those which are rarely used i.e. items which are used monthly or way lesser.

In your supply closet – sort and label it.  When you find an empty space in your supply store, it’s surely indicates that you’re running low of your supplies.  If unlabelled or unsorted, it becomes herculean task to find out what yous’re running out of.

With proper sorting and labelling, you can definitely get rid of guessing process when it comes to which supply is not available.  Investing on label printer at an affordable price would be great for the purpose as printed labels assures organized look and easy on eyes.

Guide #4:  Master Plan – to have a Master List

Create a list of office supplies that meets the needs and requirements.  This master list will help you on what items you need to order, how many of them, how many are in use, and how frequent you need to repurchase.  With the help of this master list, you can make sure that your entire stock is available as per the requirement.


If your cubicle has all the essential office supplies then you should probably lookout for these 4 guidelines that will help you to enhance your productivity at your workspace.

Hopefully, as a result of reading the information provided here, you now have a sense as to what guidelines you need to follow to achieve that.

Whether you take advantage of master lists or decide to implement a better strategy – the options available are many.

Whatever options you do decide to proceed with, its success will often depend on your knowing on your master list.

What tactics or guidelines have worked for your office cubicle when it comes to boost the productivity?