Organized Office

Clutter and general disorganization can cost you time and money. When left unchecked, they harm a company's reputation and even destroy the business. Here are three tips to help your business stay organized and efficient:

Get rid of clutter immediately:

Get rid of things you don't need or want. Things like broken furniture, used office supplies, equipment that doesn't work and is beyond repair take up office space. Discarded papers are often a major contributor to office junk. Invest in an affordable shredder to get rid of them. A company I know arranges 'trash days' once every few weeks. They encourage employees to clean their workspace and clear out unused/unwanted junk. This includes deleting old and unwanted emails and creating subfolders for the ones they need.

Invest in office supplies that help you stay organized:

Day planners, label markers, storage boxes, and other office supplies help you keep things where they belong. A label marker, for example, helps you label different folders, business documents, and even food in the office cafeteria. File trays can be used to separate things that need immediate attention from those that don't. Call us if you are looking for good quality office supplies in the UAE. We'll provide them for affordable rates.

Designate a place for everything:

Pick a place for everything and ensure that everyone keeps things in their designated spot. Encourage your staff to return documents to the appropriate folder when they're done using them. Things that you need should be placed on the desktop; those that you don't should be kept in a storage space. And don't forget to restrict access to the storage room.