3 Small Things You Can Do to Save Paper in Your Office

It takes 10 litres of water to manufacture just one sheet of A4 size paper, claims the World Wide Fund for Nature. 93% of the paper that's used comes from trees. At this rate, in just 100 years we could end up destroying all the rainforests in the world! While we cannot stop usnig paper altogether, we can lessen its usage. Here's how you can reduce the need for office paper supplies in Dubai and save the environment.

Encourage People to Think Before They Print:

The first step towards reducing paper usage is by emphasizing the importance of saving paper. Create a culture that's focused on sustainability. Add a message to your email signature that encourages people to think twice before printing. Put up a message near the printer, reminding them not to be wasteful while printing, or encourage them to proof-read and preview before printing. Or, simply make it less convenient for people to print by regulating access to printers to select staff.

Encourage the Paper-less Culture:

Emails and online apps can be used for communication and documentation whenever possible. Similarly, encourage staff to hold paper-less meetings. Rather than sending everyone a hardcopy of the proceedings, update them on Google drive. Buy individual coffee mugs for your staff, rather than using paper cups. Encourage vendors to submit invoices and bills electronically. Streamline your company's purchasing process to save on office paper supplies in Dubai.

Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle Whenever Possible:

You can reduce paper consumption by a whopping 50% just by setting your printer's default setting to double-sided. You can also format documents so that they take up fewer pages by using a slightly smaller font size or using a narrower margin. Similarly, addresses can be printed directly on the envelope instead of using labels. Used and discarded papers can be shredded and then used for packaging.

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