Peaceful Co-existence In The Office

Given the high cost of renting an office in Dubai, it is not uncommon for companies to adopt the shared-office concept. Unlike a traditional office, staff may work from anywhere they want. And sometimes, you may have to share your cubicle with a colleague. It is not an easy situation to adapt to, but with a little care and consideration, you can share your workspace without getting on each other's nerves. Here's how to do it:

Do your bit to keep the place clean:

It's absolutely horrifying to find gum, candy wrappers, and other food debris on office furniture. Clear things as soon as you're done with them. All it takes is a few seconds to throw the wrapper in the dustbin. A messy desk is not only an eyesore; it is unprofessional, to say the least. You may not have access to your own file cabinet and storage folder; keep a portable folder with you so that it's easier to carry them along with you. Store files digitally with hard copies of only those files that you will absolutely need.

Be mindful of people around you:

It's not just you, but everyone is trying to get their work done. Talking loudly on the phone can be distracting; if you must take a call, excuse yourself and step outside the office. Planned calls can be taken in a conference room or private office space. If listening to music helps you focus, bring a headphone with you. Take care of chairs, desks, and other office furniture.

Talk to people and not about them:

Not all of us are made alike; we have our differences. The key is to accept that you can't change the way they are. But if it affects your productivity, communicate the problem directly. But remember to keep the tone light.

Of course, it's in the interest of everyone involved to follow these rules, but not everyone will. If things are not as you would like them to be, learn to be flexible and keep an open mind.