Office Paper Shredder

Have you ever noticed how sleuths in the classic detective serials of yore always searched the waste paper basket to look for vital clues? Businesses are under a legal obligation to destroy documents with sensitive information so as to protect their client’s privacy. Failing to do so, can land you in trouble by way of hefty fines and even penalties. Besides legal obligation, here are three other reasons your office needs a shredder:

Better waste management:

Maintaining a shredder as a part of your in-house office supplies is much better than piling heaps of waste paper waiting to be cleared until the professional paper shredding service provider comes to your place. The space that you allot to store unwanted paper can be freed up for other purposes.

Protecting information:

Unbeknownst to you, people can raid your waste to look for information about you, leaving your clients and you vulnerable to identity theft. Sensitive information and confidential messages between employees or departments have to be shred promptly so as to protect the privacy of everyone concerned.

Environment-friendly alternative:

The waste obtained after shredding can be used as mulch for your vegetable garden, or, as bedding when packing goods for shipping.

Did we mention that this can be a fun activity? It’s probably because of the way it works! Are you looking for paper shredders and other office supplies? We’re online suppliers of office stationery in Dubai - contact us to buy them at wholesale prices.