Tapes & Adhesives

Duct Tape

Duct tape plays a vital role in repairing, decorating, labeling, as well as crafting. With duct tape, masking tape, scotch tape, or packing tapes in your hand, you can carry out important tasks in any important situation. With water resistant qualities, these tapes are definitely a must-have for any office.

At OfficeRock.com, you can find tapes & adhesives categorized with respect to their functionality, including:

  • Transparent tapes
  • Packing tapes
  • Masking tapes
  • Duct tapes
  • Speciality tapes
  • Glues & adhesives
  • Tape dispensers
  • Hooks & hanging strips
  • Decorative fashion tapes
    • We have thousands of tapes & adhesives products in stock which are ready to be shipped to you at the most affordable price. Of course, they come in various colours and from trusted brands. Shop your preferred duct tape, scotch tape, packing tapes or any tapes or adhesives today.