eProcurement by OfficeRock.com

Our focus for business solutions, to provide a cost effective purchasing solution in the United Arab Emirates. Our online procurement method allows companies to track company wide requirements in one manageable portal, to view all purchase requests and facilitate the ordering of these. Please contact us to set up a meeting to learn more. We are more than happy to come and give you a step by step introduction in person.

How eProcurement works

Add Company

Create Company Account

Click 'My Account' or the Click here to create or log into your online account. To create a company account click 'Create Company Account'. The person who creates this account will be the admin user for the company, please fill in the necessary details such as company name, email address, password, type of company and other important details. Once done click submit and your company account will be created.

Add Employees

Log into your account, on the right you will see some tabs, click 'Create Employee'. You will need to enter details on the new employee such as name, email address and password. At the bottom of the page, you can choose what rights to give this employee, such as allow the user to edit shipping or billing address, as well as add additional employees or most importantly approve orders, this is the last button 'Authorized List'; by selecting this the user will be able to process orders on OfficeRock.com.

Add Employees
Employees Add Products

Your Employees Add Products to 'Authorized List'

Once you have created new users / employees they will get an email and be asked to create a password. Once logged in, the employees can shop the site, either by browsing our categories or using the search bar on top. Once they select products they simply have to click 'Add To Authorized List', and it will be sent to the purchasing manager or admin for approval.

Your Procurement Manager / Admin Checks and Places Order

Click on 'Authorized List', check the items you wish to add and then click add to cart to process the order. On the right side of the ' Authorized List' you can see which products were added by which employee.

Admin Checks and Places Order
Order Details Passed to Warehouse

Order Details Passed to Warehouse

Your order once checked out is automatically sent to warehouse for pick and packing, once your order is ready we will notify our logistics partner or label it for outgoing delivery.

We Deliver Your Order

Your order will typically take 48-72 hours to be delivered. We aim to keep our turn around time as fast as possible.